I have a small but mighty studio out of my house where I'm able to do work on my records, and other peoples records as well.  If you're interested in having me produce, overdub guitar or pedal steel, or mix your album, shoot me an email and let's talk!  Some of the gear that lives in my space includes:

1967 Fender Telecaster
1961 Fender Jazzmaster 
1976 Fender Coodercaster style strat
1967 Gibson Barney Kessel
1963 Gibson 330
1960's Danelectro short scale baritone 
1960's Silvertone 1326
1931 Martin 000-18
1932 Gibson LG-2
1960's Harmony Sovereign 
1950's nylon string unknown make
Rubber bridge electric and acoustic guitars
Waterloo WL14
Gibson 335
Sho Pro SD10 Pedal Steel 

1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb
1949 Fender Princeton 
1957 Fender Tweed Deluxe 
1961 Fender Deluxe Brown Face
Old Harmony and Kay amps
Filmosonic Filmprojector model 385

Moog Grandmother
Roland HS-60 (Juno 106)
Yamaha VSS-30

Royer 121
Coles 4038
Flea U48
Neumann KM84 (stereo pair)
Shure 548, SM7, many SM57's

Outboard compressors:
Manley stereo vari mu
Chandler RS124 (stereo pair)
AML 52F50 (stereo pair)
Alan Smart C1
Audio Scape 1176 (rev. A)
Audio Scape LA2A


Maag Pre Q4
Capi Platinum VP312 (stereo pair)
Capi VP 28 (stereo pair)
Universal Audio Apollo x4 with 4 unison preamps 

Other outboard:
Vintage Roland Space Echo RE-201
Lexicon PCM 70 
API 550A's and API 550B's
Audio Scape EQP-A (stereo pair of pultec style EQs)
Louder Than Liftoff Mister Focus (2)
Radial EXTC 500 (2) 

Amphion One 18's
Avantone Mono

Pro Tools

Tape Machine
Teac A-3440

Antelope Orion 32+