Growing up with a severe stutter, JP Ruggieri kept quiet most of his childhood. The Connecticut-born, Nashville-based artist found language in a different medium than most other kids: music. “While speaking was a constant struggle, I learned at an early age that we stutterers have this wonderful ability to sing in perfect fluency. As a result, the only way I felt like I could truly say what I wanted to was through writing songs and singing them.” JP wrote his first song at the age of nine and hasn’t stopped since.

Shortly after writing that first song, his obsession with guitar began — an obsession that would take him deep into blues, jazz, and other roots music from all over the world. That obsession would also lead him to study at the esteemed Berklee College of Music. After graduating, he would move to New York City where, arguably, his real education began.

Around this time, JP released his first EP (under a different name), and was a fixture in the New York singer-songwriter scene. While he was certainly raising a few eyebrows, he wasn’t satisfied. “I decided that I didn’t believe what I was saying musically, so I essentially locked myself in my room until I figured it out and felt that I was ready to try again.”

During that stretch of time, he wrote constantly, but made his living as a sideman. He quickly became a first-call player in the New York scene, as well as a sought after session musician. JP has played pedal steel and guitar on Tony Award winning Broadway show "Oklahoma!" and has worked with a wide range of musicians and artists such as: Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers), Jano Rix (The Wood Brothers, Gabe Dixon Band), Viktor Krauss (Bill Frisell), Charlie Hunter, Penny & Sparrow, David Ford, Jarrod Dickenson (Decca Records) and Rainee Blake (Nashville TV Series) to name a few.

That period of growth took 7 years, and the result is “Waiting On You” — a concise and stunning record, packed with unique songwriting, tight grooves, and the kind of tasteful musicianship that can’t be faked. It’s safe to say that JP now believes exactly what it is that he’s saying, and this album is most definitely worth the wait.

“I’m really blown away by JP’s songwriting, singing, and guitar playing. Imagine rootsy-bluesy rock and pop with a hint of Bill Frisell and Ry Cooder.” - Jack Silverman, Nashville Scene contributing editor, Premier Guitar contributor

“There’s no showmanship. No fancy moves. Just a mastery of his instrument and a voice that creates a connection for the audience between the words and their meaning.” - Even The Stars

“He has a gift for storytelling … clearly one to keep an eye on.” - Maximum Volume

“Clear and full of heart … a joy to watch.” - Living North