"A winsome affair...Ruggieri has managed to create an appealing album that invites listeners in." – American Songwriter

“...explores the space between struggle and salvation...a journey towards finding hope amidst the chaos.” – Music Mecca 

“...roots-based sound colored with hints of pop and some of the guitar stylings usually associated with Bill Frisell or Julian Lage.” – Making a Scene 


“I’m really blown away by JP’s songwriting, singing, and guitar 
playing. Imagine rootsy-bluesy rock and pop with a hint of Bill 
Frisell and Ry Cooder.”
- Jack Silverman, Nashville Scene Contributing Editor & Premier Guitar Contributor 

There’s no showmanship. No fancy moves. Just a mastery of his
instrument and a voice that creates a connection for the audience
between the words and their meaning.”
- Even The Stars


"His endearing charm, honey-like voice and clean guitar riffs had a way of absorbing you into this perfect bubble of relaxation and contentment - which made for one of the most stunning opening sets I’ve witnessed in a long time." - Norwich Evening News

"I don’t know why, but I find myself smiling when I listen to JP’s music" SixShooterCountry.com